The TH-DS Tubing Hanger/Adapter, dual strings type, is designed to suspend and seal the tubings in the D Tubing Head Spool.


Tubing Hanger:

- Tubing size: 2 3/8” ÷ 4 1/2”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- Split hanger type can be run and pulled independently.

- Bowl seal – elastomeric annular seal, energized by the head lockscrew and isn’t affected by tubing weight

- Neck seal – two elastomeric seal:

  • Seal between the extended neck of the tubing hanger and the mating pocket in the adapter
  • Isolate down hole control lines, if the tubing hanger is provides with control lines

- Quick and easy to install, no special running tools are required;

- Alignment slots engage the two alignment pins in the tubing head spool to ensure the proper positioning of the hanger segments;

- A threaded preparation type PU-BPV is furnished as standard;

- Available with standard API tubing threads or premium tubing threads;

- Available with one or two control lines, on request.


Tubing Hanger Adapters:

- The flanges are in accordance with API spec. 6A;

- Bottom flange size: 7 1/16” ÷ 13 5/8”;

- Top flange size: 2 1/16” ÷ 4 1/16”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- Fitting for test are standard furnished;

- Available with one or two control lines, on request.