Casing Head Housing

Casing Head Housing


The Casing Head Housing is used to suspend and to seal the casings.


The flanges and the side outlets are in accordance with API spec. 6A.


The Casing Head Housing has a versatile straight design that can accept a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers (standard PU-22 Casing Hanger).


- Top flange size: 7 1/16” ÷ 21 1/4”;

- Casing size: 7” ÷ 20”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- Available with:

  • API female casing threads form
  • Slip on weld connection
  • Slip lock

- Outlets:

  • Line pipe thread
  • Studded flange (valve removal thread prepared on request)

- Standard with lockscrews.

Casing Head Housing