Slab Gate Valves

Slab Gate Valves


New, modern, strong this Slab Gate Valve was special design according API 6A for wellheads and X-mas trees or manifolds, based on field experience and customers request. The Slab Gate Valves are made in all material class (AA.....HH), temperature range and PSL level requirements.


- Size: 1 13/16” ÷ 7 1/16”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- End to end connections: flanges or threaded according API 6A;

- Simply designed, low-torque;

- One-piece slab gate;

- Floating seats with the sealing force supplied by line pressure;

- Full bore, through-conduit;

- Bidirectional flow;

- Non-rising stem;

- Stem backseat seal ability;

- Body grease fitting;

- Solid tapper joint between handwheel and stem adapter;

- Manual handwhell operator, bevel gear operator on request;

- Upper/lower roller thrust bearings isolate from well fluid, minimizing torque;

- Metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-body);

- Non-elastomeric stem seal, pressure energized and/or spring-loaded, no require soft packing injection;

- Body and bonnet sealing: soft metallic crush ring.

Slab Gate Valves