Positive Chokes

Positive Chokes


The Positive Chokes used in X-mas trees or manifolds are designed for smooth regulation of the flow oil and gas wells. The Positive Chokes meet all current API 6A requirements, are made in all material class (AA.....HH), temperature range and PSL level requirements.


- Size: 2 1/16” ÷ 4 1/16”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- End to end connections: flanges or threaded according API 6A;

- The Positive Choke very easily can be converted to Adjustable Choke type;

- Unidirectional flow;

- Ceramic flow beans are standard, tungsten carbide on request;

- Possibility to exchange the flow beans with differing flow characteristics.

Positive Chokes