Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes

Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes


The Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes used in choke and kill manifolds are designed to ensure pressure control during drilling and production operations. The Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes meet all current API 16C requirements.


- Size: 2 1/16” ÷ 3 1/16”;

- Pressure rating: 2,000 ÷ 10,000 PSI;

- Orifice size: 2”;

- End to end connections: flanges or threaded, according API 6A;

- Cylindrical gate and large body provide high flow capacity and extremely quiet operation;

- Gate and seat made by tungsten carbide for abrasive and corrosive fluids on request;

- Gate and seat are reversible for double life;

- Pressure balance stem lowers torque operation;

- Unidirectional flow;

- Sensor LVDT type attached to the choke stem.



- Linear hydraulic double action

 - Operating pressure:

  • 1,450 PSI, nominal
  • 2,100 PSI, maxim


Control Panel:

The control panel is designed to maintain the pressure under maximum value allowable by drilling program.

  • Fitted with a hydro pneumatic pump and a manual emergency pump
  • A choke speed adjustment valve controls the opening and closing speed of the hydraulic choke
  • Gauges for drill pipes and casing pressure
  • Indicator for the gate position
  • Mud pumps stroke counter
Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes