Valves & Chokes

Valves & Chokes

REPEDE Pressure Control offers a complete family of Valve & Chokes for applications such as wellhead equipment, X-mass tree, choke and kill manifolds and other similar applications.

The Valves & Chokes meets all current API 6A or API 16C requirements are made in all material class (AA.....HH), temperature range, PSL level requirements.


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The Valves are used for complete shutting of the medium flow and depending on their construction can be:

- Expanding Gate Valves

- Slab Gate Valves

- Hydraulic Actuated Valves

- Surface Safety Valves

- Ball Valves

- Check Valves (Swing or Piston)



The Chokes are designed for smooth regulation of the medium flow oil and gas wells and depending on their construction can be:

- Positive & Adjustable Chokes, according API 6A

- Manual & Hydraulic Operated Drilling Chokes, according API 16C