BOP Control Units

BOP Control Units


The BOP Control Units used for drilling servicing are designed to produce, store and deliver hydraulic energy under controlled pressure fluid form by a system of pipes and/or fire tested hoses.


The BOP Control System meets all current API 16D and customer requirement and specification.


The BOP Control System incorporates two main components: Control Unit and Remote Control Panel.


Control Unit:

Control Unit produces, stores and delivers hydraulic energy under controlled pressure fluid form.

- Volume liquid: 160, 240, 320, 400, 640 liters, other on request;

- Pressure: 3,000 PSI;

- Equipped with two groups of pump, electric pump and air-operated pump;

- Equipped with an warning lamps and alarm for low accumulator pressure, low air pressure, low hydraulic fluid level;

- Quick connectors between the control unit and the control panel.


Remote Control Panel:

Remote Control Panel is designed for operating the manifold valves of Control Unit and is located on the rig floor.

- Air or electrical version;

- A master control valve or a master button must be operated simultaneously with the selected function to initiate the operation provides a safety operating;

- Equipped with a memory system which indicates the last position of stack function.

BOP Control Units